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Serving Tucson and Southern Arizona

Power Sweeping

We offer Contract Maintenance Sweeping
or On-Call Services for:
  • Private Streets, Homeowner Associations
  • Commercial Centers, Apartments
  • New Housing developments
  • Haul Routes, Storm Cleanups
  • Chipseals, Sealcoats, Milling, Paving, Striping
  • SWPPP Compliance
  • One Time Sweeps, Special Events
  • Emergency & Same Day Call outs
What Destroys Asphalt?

Ultraviolet rays dry out asphalt and cause it to shed sand and gravel. Tires driving over the loose gravel and dirt act like sandpaper to wear down your pavement. 

When leaves are moistened by rain or sprinklers, they decompose and release acids that break down the oils in the asphalt and deteriorate it. Vegetation should be removed.

What will Preserve your Asphalt?
A sweeping maintenance program.

Regular Sweeping will:

  • Remove loose sand, gravel & vegetation
  • Prolong your pavement's life
  • Save money on pavement repairs
  • Keep your parking lot safe
  • Keep your property looking beautiful

We have the right Equipment for your needs:

  • Brush Street Sweepers
  • Regenerative Air Street sweepers
  • Brush parking lot sweepers


Read more about sweeping at www.digginsandsons.com

We Discount prices when you Bundle
2 or more Services
Call Matthew for a Quote on your project.